Body Control Exercise is the first step to be practiced in the training of Kalaripayat. This is the main basis on which further progress of the students is built. Every conceivable form of stretching, turning and twisting of the body is mastered by means of practicing this. The art of wielding weapons can be mastered only through perfect control over one's body as well as by agility. A man, however strong he may be, cannot use his strength effectively if he has no control over his own body.

The graded series of exercises starting from exercises of the legs are intended to give all parts of the body absolute nimbleness, unbelievable speed and to develop great reflex. The body control exercises include, the swinging of the legs, different methods of leaps and jumps and movements with the body attaining the shortest form possible, thus minimizing the vulnerability of one's body to any assault by the opponent, and enable to achieve every conceivable mastery over ones limbs, deep concentration and watchfulness against the movements of the opponents and perfect neuro-muscular co-ordination.

Increased concentration, agility, healthy and euphoric feeling, confidence, rejuvenation, reflex action, sound sleep etc are the result of these exercises. The internal organs are also benefited through these exercises. The body control exercises are highly recommended for classical dancers, athletes, players. theatre artists etc. to increase their agility and speed.

It is these body control exercises that makes Kalaripayat artist to attain absolute body control and to excel others in physical control, in all sense.















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