The practice of kalarippayat is done in an atmosphere of sanctity and piety. Qualities like courage and confidence embodied in an austere sense of discipline was instilled along with the training and hence it is no wonder that the entire system demanded an atmosphere of piety and faith. Our Kalari functions at a serene mind blowing atmosphere mingling with the nature, with good circulation of air. The warm body after practice is protected from contact with the cool air outside.

Worship of deities before beginning practice in the kalari is a duty and certain places inside kalari are dedicated to the deities. Poothara, an arc-shaped seven-stepped platform constructed in the " Kanni Mola" (south-west corner) of kalari is the sanctum sanctorum of the kalari. The idol above the seventh step is the abode of the presiding deity of kalari, Kalaripardevada (Lord Shiva and Shakthi, the Goddess of Power). Next to Poothara on the western end of the kalari is the Ganapathithara which is the abode of Lord Ganapathi or Ganesha (who is fabled to the God who clears all obstacles in the path of any endeavor). The space between the 'Poothara' and Ganapathi is dedicated to Naga God (the snake God). To a little north of Ganapathi there is a small square platform called Gurupeedam dedicated to Past Gurus who are not alive. 










The site selection and construction of our kalari is strictly in accordance with the traditions and conventions. The traditional requirements include an area of 42' x 21' with height 21' and floor 3' below the ground level, East-West in length and roof thatched by plaited coconut leaves. All these maintained at an expense of high recurring cost.


















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